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What started out as a hobby quickly became a desire that continues to grow with each new idea and creation. As a child, Zaven always had a passion in concept and design of jewelry production. Even now, his biggest satisfaction still comes from creating a new piece.

Since the age of 10, Zaven has been creating and drawing sketches of jewelry. Being the son of a Master Goldsmith Jeweler, he saw the need to merge the latest technological advancements of jewelry concept and design with the traditional goldsmith jewelry techniques that his father had exposed him to over the years, while working under him at Shine Jewelry Mfg.

In his late teens, he began studying Cad Cam Jewelry design and programming as well as the CNC machine concepts. Zaven has been practicing Concept, Design, and Jewelry Manufacturing for over 14 years. He began creating the Gianni Deloro line, made of only the highest quality materials, utilizing his training and expertise that developed from a passion.

His desire and passion, along with his close attention to detail, has helped him develop over thousands of original and unique designs. His products can be worn for both formal and everyday occasions. Zavens’ original designs have been sold nationally and internationally, being featured in some of the largest departments stores and retail chains in the United States.


Burbank Jewelry Outlet is a well-established, complete manufacturing house. We are one of the fastest growing, privately held manufacturers of jewelry in the United States that sells nationally and internationally. We have thousands of unique and original designs, unsurpassed quality, and a passion for making jewelry.

We take great pride here, at Burbank Jewelry Outlet, in being one of the very few manufacturing companies in the states who proudly offers their clients products that are “MADE IN THE USA”. We use the most innovative jewelry manufacturing techniques to design, create and produce exquisite pieces of jewelry, using only the highest quality materials and gemstones at our newly remodeled facility in Burbank, CA.

At Burbank Jewelry Outlet, a customer can come straight to the manufacturer themselves to get extraordinary products at wholesale cost. We feature unique and original designs at our store, and we have been designing jewelry for customers for over 35 years. Our goal is to make your experience with Burbank Jewelry Outlet as memorable as possible, from ordering one of our many designs online, to coming in to create your own custom piece of jewelry.


Burbank Jewelry Outlet’s manufacturing facility is located in Burbank, CA. We offer a wide spectrum of individual services such as cad cam design, stone setting, assembly, polishing, enameling, plating, product sourcing and complete A to Z jewelry services. Many of our clients entrust us with their custom designs that we fabricate in confidence for them.

We are a company that has established a solid reputation for excellence in quality and design. Burbank Jewelry Outlet’s technology has surpassed the traditional casting methods to the markets most currently advanced, technological methods in fabrication, utilizing a CNC machine and CAD printing machine to design and produce jewelry at a higher quality than other manufacturing companies.

Our expertise, uniqueness and quality are what we have become known for, along with our strong team of skilled artisans that allows us to fulfill orders quickly and precisely. Burbank Jewelry Outlet takes pride in being on the leading edge of technological developments in the manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide innovative designs at the best quality possible!

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